What is City 512?

City 512

Project description

Both the Soviet Union and the United States experimented with remote viewing, psychic communication and mind control as a means of gathering intelligence through the 20th century. So far as anyone knows, they failed utterly.

The “What is City 512?” campaign was created to promoted David Nickle’s novel Rasputin’s’ Bastards – which featured a Roswell-like city (City 512) where pysic experiments were conducted. The campaign included a website – WhatIsCity512.com – in the style of UFO/conspiracy websites dedicated to uncovering the truth about City 512. This had fake documents, correspondences, and newspaper articles that delve into the history behind City 512. A teaser trailer asking “What is City 512?” and book trailer were also released in to drive traffic to the website.

The campaign was able to successfully drive traffic to the website and promote Rasputin’s Bastards.

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Client: ChiZine Publications

Date: June 2012

Categories: Marketing