Beyond the Bounce: Social Media and Blog

Beyond the Bounce: Social Media and Blog

Project Overview

Springfree Trampoline is unique in the retail industry. Rather than relying on a solid customer base for repeat purchases they are always prospecting. After all, when a trampoline is designed to last over 10 years you don’t need to keep coming back.

For example, approximately 90% of Springfree Trampoline Facebook followers were leads and prospects. This meant that the Springfree blog and social media channels needed to appeal primarily to leads with a secondary audience of existing customers.

I developed a content strategy for both online channels that would increase engagement, nurture leads, and drive traffic to the website.


By testing content types, themes and topics, and audience targeting I was able to develop a robust profile of the target Springfree customer. More than this, I was able to develop a content strategy and calendar that gave them what they wanted.

These efforts results in an increase of traffic to the blog by 440% year over year and an increased time on page of 54%. And I increased engagement rates by 112% across social channels and a 127% increase in traffic from social media to the website. In just 5 months, blog content generated $70,000 of revenue.