Top 5 Myths About Trampolines

Top 5 Myths About Trampolines

Project Overview

Springfree Trampoline understood the value of good content. They maintained a blog for five years, developed a strong social media following, and had a large database of leads and prospects. What they didn’t know, was whether content could be used to engage, and more importantly, convert leads into customers. Could content actually generate sales?

The answer, of course, was yes . . . with the right content. To prove content could drive sales and revenue I created a blog post titled “Top 5 Myths About Trampolines.”

I identified the top misconceptions about trampolines and the barriers to purchase. Using these insights I wrote the blog post to bust these common trampoline myths. And the results were incredible.

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The blog post was first rolled out as a boosted post on Facebook where it received the highest engagement rates and drove the most traffic of all social media content that quarter. Based on this success, the post was incorporated into the digital advertising strategy and email lead nurturing process.

In three months, “The Top 5 Myths About Trampolines” has generated $61,000 in revenue and had 14,000 unique page views in a single month. In fact, this blog post is now ranked in the top three pages for the entire site and even out-performed traditional promotional digital ads on Facebook for driving sales.